Adventure & Outdoor

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a playground for outdoor lovers where every path leads to an adventure. Our terrain, stretching from towering mountain peaks to verdant valleys and surging rivers, offers a plethora of thrilling experiences. Carve your way down the Olympic-standard slopes around Sarajevo, feeling the exhilaration of speed and the invigorating chill of winter air.

There’s more than just skiing here, though. Take to the sky and feel the thrill of paragliding, soaring over our beautiful landscapes, and experiencing the country from a new, breathtaking perspective. Or test your daring with our network of zip lines, which crisscross the country, sending you hurtling across valleys and ravines, providing adrenaline-pumping, panoramic views of our captivating scenery.

In 2012, National Geographic recognized our exceptional terrain, naming Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the top ten destinations for mountain biking. We’ve only improved since, enhancing our trail systems for an even more immersive experience.

For a true test of adventure, explore the Via Dinarica long-distance trail. This trail, celebrated as the ‘B by Outside Magazine in 2014, is a haven for thrill-seekers. The allure of Via Dinarica was further confirmed when it was listed in National Geographic Traveller’s ’21 Best of the World’ in 2017.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, your adventure isn’t just waiting, it’s calling. Embrace the wild, immerse yourself in nature, and let the spirit of adventure guide you.


There is a long and respected tradition of hiking in almost every corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a mountainous country, there are thousands of kilometers of marked hiking trails. Whether you venture to BiH’s highest peak, Mt. Maglić at 2,386m, through one of Europe’s last remaining primeval forests or take leisurely family walks through the charming highland villages of Bjelašnica Mountain, there is something for everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The diversity of hiking trails in the country enables all nature lovers to enjoy experiences that cater to their needs and skill levels. Additionally, the Western Balkan region is positioned deep in the heart of one of Europe’s most unexplored and wildest mountain ranges – the central Dinaric Alps and a new long-distance hiking trail, the Via Dinarica, has been developed to allow visitors to explore the landscape.


Mountain biking has exploded in recent years since National Geographic named BiH one of the world’s top 10 mountain bike destinations. Mountains and their landscapes represent one of the key assets and symbols of the country, and mountain the Bjelašnica, Igman, and Visočica mountains, the central mountain ranges of Herzegovina, as well as throughout the beautiful and wild west and northwest of the country. There is also a full set of mountain biking trails throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina that can be found on, TransDinarica, the mountain-biking association website, as well as Cycling and mountain biking journeys can happen in many places of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well, while Livno, Blidinje Nature Park, Kupres, and Glamočki Fields in west Bosnia have magnificent terrain for long valley biking with relatively little traffic. One of the key highlights and experiences is cycling the iconic Ćiro Trail where authentic charms of Herzegovina unfold.


BiH is well known for its white-water rafting adventures, and it is one of the most popular outdoor activities here. Four raging rivers, Neretva, Vrbas, Una, and Tara rank among Europe’s best and you will be pleasantly surprised by the pristine wilderness that accompanies the adventure. Rafting on Neretva is known for its diversity of sections that range from mild to extreme, making it suitable for most. Una on the other hand is ideal for beginners but also experienced enthusiasts where sections with fast flow emerge. Steep slopes, plenty of obstacles, and challenging sections are what define rafting on the Vrbas River. Their attractiveness is further confirmed by the fact that Una hosts the international whitewater rafting event Una Regatta, while the Vrbas and Tara rivers hosted two World Rafting Championships so far. Additionally, the river Vrbas has been host to three European Rafting Championships.


For those who seek something different, an activity through which they can bond with nature in a new way, canyoning marvelous Mostarska Bijela, Cvrcka, Rakitnica and Hrčavka are some of the options. Enjoy adrenaline-fueled adventure while in the heart of nature’s playground. Conquer rugged canyons, experience exhilarating rappels and cascade down water slides. Nestled between the mountains of Bjelašnica and Visočica, often referred to as one the most fascinating canyons in the country and beyond, the Rakitnica canyon contains plenty of surprises. One of the deepest canyons in Europe is a true natural wonder. On the other hand, tucked in National Park Sutjeska, the wild and mesmerizing canyon of Hrčavka delivers a thrilling experience. In a challenging natural environment where wilderness and beauty combine, Hrčavka Canyon tends to act as a portal to untouched landscapes where fun and excitement are guaranteed.

Fly Fishing

You would have to be an unlucky angler not to hook at least a few freshwater fish while fishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rivers and lakes are teeming with trout, carp, bass and many other types of fish, and good fishing can be found in most parts of the country. Some of the best fishing rivers are the Pliva near Šipovo and Jajce, river Ribnik where the European Fly-fishing Championships took place in the summer of 2010, the Upper Drina, and the Neretva River. The experience of fishing on these crystal-clear waterways attracts angles from all over the world. Important to keep in mind is that the country boasts with sites where the charms of fly fishing can be experienced, including faster-flowing rivers like Una, Unac, Upper Sana, and Vrbas.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddling

If Bosnia and Herzegovina has anything, it has water – pure, crystal-clear water. Canoeing, kayaking and paddling are popular on the three main rafting rivers but also on many other lakes and rivers throughout the country. Both the Neretva and Vrbas rivers offer regular kayaking trips. The Trebižat and Sturba rivers offer a great canoe safari, and the lake systems of Rama, Jablanica, Pliva, Drina, and Buško are just some of the many ideal spots for canoeing, kayaking and paddling.

Rock Climbing

To all the curious climber souls, wandering minds, and the “I’ve seen it all”: The good news is there are still a few spots on the map that are off the beaten path. Until now, Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of the last secrets, an underrated climbing destination in Europe – a country rich in diverse mountain landscapes, rocky canyons, hilly forests, quiet villages, welcoming locals, great food, and plenty of high-quality limestone crags in wild, romantic locations! For rock climbing adventure visit Blagaj, Prenj, Čvrsnica, Klekovača, Želin, Suturlija, Canyon Tijesno, Pecka, Drežnica, Gradina, Duman, Kuk, Bukovik, Dariva, Romanija, Kozara and many other sites in the country.


Soar to new heights and experience Bosnia and Herzegovina from another perspective. As the wind carries you to a new realm of awe, one by one, majestic mountains, picturesque valleys, and historic towns will unfold before your eyes. Among paragliding lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts, several take-off sites in the country are quite popular. One of them is above Ljubuški, on the slope of Buturovica Hill where in close proximity Herzog Stjepan Fortress is found. Paragliding adventures in the surroundings of Banja Luka, Trebinje and Sarajevo are also sought after. Livno is another haven for paragliders, particularly its Mount Tušnica. In the surroundings of Sarajevo, Jahorina, Igman, Romanija and Bjelašnica mountains are some of the most exciting take-off sites, each with its own thrill and twist. In Banja Luka, Manjača and Čemernica mountains often serve as take-off sites from where paragliders enjoy breathtaking views while taking on adventurous experiences.

Via Ferrata

Explore and conquer challenging ascents, aided by strategically placed ladders, cables, and steps. Each Via Ferrata unveils a new perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural beauty – from mesmerizing canyons to forests and panoramic views that will leave you in awe. Whether an experienced outdoor enthusiast or a beginner, in Bosnia and Herzegovina one can find Via Ferrata of easy, medium and hard difficulty. For more information and technical details about Via Ferrata adventures and sites.