Herzegovina: The Sunny South

Herzegovina Region

Welcome to Herzegovina, the smaller but sunnier southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the land of charming beauty and rich heritage. Steeped in history, both cultural and natural, Herzegovina has been a cherished Mediterranean oasis since times immemorial.

Uncover the treasures of Herzegovina’s rugged landscapes, part of the vast karst field that boasts some of Europe’s most diverse ecosystems. Explore the awe-inspiring Vjetrenica Caves, a subterranean wonderland of unparalleled diversity, or conquer the majestic peaks of the Central Dinaric Alps, an adventurer’s playground offering mountaineering and hiking experiences. 

Water reigns supreme in Herzegovina, with pristine rivers, streams, and springs weaving their way through the limestone karst topography. Discover the crystalline wonders of the Trebižat River, cascading in breathtaking waterfalls like Kravica and Koćuša, and find tranquility at the serene Buna River source in picturesque Blagaj. Enjoy the enigmatic beauty of Hutovo Blato, a wetland sanctuary teeming with diverse bird species.
Marvel at the turquoise beauty of the Neretva River, flowing from the mountains to the Adriatic Sea, and be captivated by the iconic UNESCO Stari Most (Old Bridge) in enchanting Mostar.

Herzegovina’s allure extends beyond its natural wonders to its charming towns and cultural treasures. Delight in the architectural splendor of Trebinje, a haven of tranquility close to the renowned world-famous city of Dubrovnik. Marvel at the remains of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s mysterious medieval past embodied in the UNESCO World Heritage sites of standing stones known as . Indulge in the captivating remains of Herzegovina’s Ottoman period, where the resplendent blend of architecture, nature, and culture ignites a symphony of flavors, scents, and sights, creating an immersive journey through time. 

Let Herzegovina’s sun-kissed landscapes of vineyards and fruit orchards captivate your senses and bask in the warm hospitality of its people. Embark on a journey through this rural and historically significant region, where cultural and natural treasures intertwine, leaving an indelible imprint on your soul. Experience the enchantment of Herzegovina and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.



Mostar, located in Herzegovina, showcases Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rich artistic and historical legacy. Its iconic attraction, the Ottoman-era Stari Most bridge, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site arching over the stunning Neretva River. Tourists are often thrilled by locals diving daringly into the river below. The Old Town captivates with its splendid architecture, art galleries, boutiques, and diverse dining options. Beyond the bridge and Old Town, Mostar offers historic sites like Kajtaz, Biščević, and Muslibegović mansions, and landmarks such as the Austro-Hungarian City High School and Hammam. The city also boasts varied religious wonders, reflecting Herzegovinian history and culture. For adventurous souls, Mostar’s Fortica offers zip-lining, breathtaking panoramas, biking tours, and authentic local experiences.


Located in the coastal region of Herzegovina, Neum offers a delightful blend of natural beauty adorned with a sunny and mild Mediterranean climate. As the only outlet to the Adriatic Sea in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Neum provides an opportunity for a memorable coastal retreat. With a range of different types of accommodation, from private apartments, guesthouses, and motels to high-category hotels, everyone can find and enjoy a comfortable offer according to their preferences. From joyful water and sports activities to sunbathing on public, private, or hidden beaches, strolling and swimming, jet-ski, and boat rides to vibrant nightlife and diverse cuisine, Neum tends to captivate in every category. The town’s colorful cultural scene and engaging entertainment options ensure an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for any visitor.


Between awe-inspiring natural pearls Bjelašnica and Visočica mountains, on the very edge of one of the deepest canyons in Europe lays the highest and most isolated village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lukomir Village. This one-of-a-kind nomad village sits almost at 1,500 meters above sea level, representing a site full of unique features whose every corner contains elements of authenticity, long-lasting tradition, fascinating culture, medieval heritage, glittering nature as well as rare gastronomic delights. Lukomir Village is truly a window to a different, remote world that serves as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts as well as nature and culture lovers.


Located just a short distance from Mostar, Blagaj is a captivating town situated in Herzegovina’s enchanting hills. Once the center of the mighty Kosača family during medieval times, Blagaj now thrives as a prominent tourist destination in the region. The Buna River takes center stage, offering amazing sights and activities. The iconic 16th-century Dervish Monastery stands proudly at the source of the crystal-clear Buna River, providing a serene sanctuary to escape the summer heat. For panoramic vistas and a glimpse into the past, venture up to the medieval fortress of Stjepan Herceg, majestically perched atop the cliffs overlooking the Buna Spring. Thrill-seekers will delight in the opportunity for rafting adventures, rewarding boat rides via Ferrata, rock-climbing, and exhilarating biking trails. Besides the opportunity to camp alongside the magnificent Buna, a must-see are the Buna River canals, a true jewel of nature.


Ljubuški, enveloped by nature’s splendor, is a fusion of history, landscapes, and warm hospitality. Visit the refurbished fort for panoramic vistas, or try paragliding from the Old Town for adventure enthusiasts. Dive into the region’s past at Humac, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s oldest museum. Learn about Herzegovina’s tobacco heritage at the Tabak Museum & Restaurant and see remnants of the Roman Military Camp Gračine. Experience the captivating Kravice and Koćuša Waterfalls, and rejuvenate by the Kravice in summer with beach outings and boat rides. Relish authentic Herzegovinian dishes in local eateries and savor the region’s signature wines. Engage with winemakers, explore their vineyards, and delight in nature picnics. Ljubuški’s blend of history, nature, and culinary treats promises indelible memories.


Discover Trebinje in Herzegovina, a sun-soaked city with 260 sunny days annually, nestled by the Trebišnjica River and under Leotar Mountain. Its streets reflect the architectural influence of nearby Dubrovnik. Experience local customs at the iconic farmers’ market and savor specialties at Herzeg House. Delve into the city’s religious heritage and relax at the Platani patio. Marvel at landmarks like Arslanagića Bridge and Hercegovačka Gračanica, blending history and heritage. Experience Trebinje differently with a barge ride offering local wines and meze. Connect with its authentic past through rural visits, camping, and picnics in pristine nature. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy cycling, trekking, paragliding, and diving. Trebinje’s winemaking legacy dates back to Roman times, highlighted by Tvrdoš Monastery’s centuries-old wine tradition.


Visit Stolac, where history and nature merge beautifully. Located in a Mediterranean valley bordered by pine hills, this town has lured civilizations for ages. Explore ancient carvings in Badanj Cave and remnants of the Daorsi tribe’s capital. Experience the UNESCO-listed Radimlja Necropolis with its iconic stećak tombstones. Wander the Bregava riverbank, capturing the town’s Ottoman-era essence, with stone bridges, mills, and traditional architecture. Savor a local fig cake while enjoying scenic vistas. Discover waterfalls, relax on river beaches, or embark on adventures in Istup or Hutovo Blato. Relish local dishes and fine wines. Experience the literary legacy at Mak Dizdar House and the Tomb of Moshe Danon. Lastly, the old town of Vidoški offers panoramic views of Stolac. Discover Stolac’s hidden tales and landmarks before it becomes a global sensation.


Čitluk, a tiny municipality is renowned for its hospitality, scenic vistas, and a town dotted with vineyards. Traverse vineyards spanning the hills, and dive deep into Herzegovina’s wine legacy with tastings and visits to the unique Stone Vineyards. Discover the heritage of Fra Didak, a notable Herzegovinian figure, at the gallery of Fra Didak Buntić. Experience spiritual enrichment at the revered Shrine of Medjugorje. Relish the region’s traditional dishes in local eateries, villages, and vineyards. Engage in trekking or cycling through picturesque hills, villages, and pristine nature, encountering historical sites and seasonal rural activities. Whether you’re drawn to culinary delights, spiritual journeys, nature adventures, or serene countryside escapades, Čitluk offers an experience that beckons a revisit.


Discover Međugorje, known for the story of the Virgin Mary’s apparitions that have transformed this once serene village into the most-visited site in the country and the second-largest Catholic pilgrimage destination globally. Learn about the rich history as you explore Apparition Hill, marked by the cross, where believers have found solace and sought spiritual guidance for themselves and their loved ones. Follow the footsteps of pilgrims from across the globe along the footpath of Cross Mountain, adorned with Stations of the Cross. The heart of the town is the Church of St James, a sanctuary where devoted visitors gather outside of mass to pray and reflect. Međugorje offers a welcoming infrastructure, with a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and religious-themed vendors catering to redemption seekers.


Čapljina, a town situated at the convergence of four rivers, is a haven for nature and culture enthusiasts. Step back in time as you stroll the historic corners of Počitelj where breathtaking landmarks and stories unfold. Admire the views from the iconic Stone Bridge on the Bregava River and discover the area’s wealthy history by exploring the archaeological sites of Mogorjelo, Gabela, and Desilo. Have a break on a local beach near the lively Trebižat River or indulge in a thrilling canoe safari where fun and amazing scenery are guaranteed. Cycle the famous Ćiro Trail and discover rural Herzegovina from a different perspective or venture to the protected nature pearl of Hutovo Blato. Take on a photo safari, bonding with nature and discovering the gems of one of the most significant and diverse nature parks and bird reserves in the region.


Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina’s captivating history in Počitelj, a medieval town tracing back to the 14th century. Initially a strategic stronghold, it blossomed into a quintessential Ottoman town nestled in a natural amphitheater along the Neretva River, complete with breathtaking hilltop fortification, Ottoman-era mosques, hammams, clock towers, and charming white lime-painted homes connected by narrow stone pathways. Despite damages from the ’90s war, its meticulous restoration, lets visitors step directly into its preserved Ottoman past. Stroll the town’s historic core and discover authentic architectural and religious landmarks. Designated as a tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site, Počitelj offers a glimpse into the region’s diverse past. Embark on a day trip from the coast or Mostar and be greeted by local children selling fresh cherries, figs, or pomegranates.


Situated in the Neretva River valley, surrounded by Prenj, Bjelašnica, and Bitovnja mountains, Konjic offers diverse outdoor activities and rich heritage. Marvel at the Konjic Old Stone Bridge and explore streets filled with landmarks. Appreciate the woodcarving tradition at the Woodcarving Museum and uncover the town’s history at the Konjic Heritage Museum. Konjic, a prominent outdoor adventure center, presents activities like rafting and canoeing on the Neretva River, canyoning in Rakitnica, and hiking to Lukomir village. Explore the mountains on foot or via safari and unwind at Boračko and Jablaničko lakes. Enjoy picnics, swimming, fishing, sightseeing, camping, and hiking in this nature lover’s paradise.


Embraced by magnificent mountains and the serene Neretva River, Jablanica provides a tranquil refuge for nature aficionados and adventurers. This scenic town, cradled in an unspoiled wilderness, presents a multitude of outdoor experiences, from exhilarating mountain hikes to Čvrsnica and Prenj to discovering magnificent Jablanička Bijela and placid boat excursions on Jablaničko Lake. Each experience can be coupled with glamping or an overnight stay in a serene natural ambiance near the lakeshore where stunning views dominate. The Museum of the Battle for the Wounded, a testament to Jablanica’s significant historical moment during World War II, offers a poignant glimpse into the country’s past. The town’s culinary scene is highlighted by its signature dish – the mouthwatering spit-roasted lamb, offering a gastronomic journey that will satiate your palate.


Surrounded by stunning landscapes, including the picturesque Rama Lake and the awe-inspiring Dinaric Alps, the charming town of Prozor-Rama offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Prozor-Rama also serves as a gateway to the breathtaking nature of the Rama Valley, inviting visitors to explore its lush greenery, crystal-clear rivers, and beautiful Rama Lake, as well as the stunning Franciscan monastery.