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Welcome to Sarajevo, an enchanting destination that blends East and West, old and new, and history with vibrant modernity. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of this captivating city where cultures coexist harmoniously.

In Sarajevo, you will discover a truly unique experience as you stroll through its streets. Here, mosques, Orthodox and Catholic churches, and a synagogue stand side by side, showcasing the city’s remarkable diversity. The echoes of church bells and the call to prayer create a symphony of sounds that fill the air, a testament to the fusion of traditions brought by conquerors, travelers, and seekers of refuge.

The heart of Sarajevo beats in its Old Town, where coppersmiths shape coffee sets as their forefathers did centuries ago. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine lanes, where skilled tradespeople proudly display their wares. Along the Ferhadija walkway, modern shops and cozy cafes invite you to explore and indulge in the city’s contemporary charms.

Sarajevo is a city that comes alive with excitement, hosting events like the renowned Sarajevo Film Festival. International stars grace its streets, adding to the electric atmosphere during this 10-day celebration of cinema. To experience breathtaking views of the city, embark on a journey aboard the newly renovated cable car system that ascends Trebević Mountain, offering a panoramic perspective of Sarajevo’s captivating skyline.

Beyond Sarajevo, a world of wonders awaits. Explore the majestic landscapes of surrounding towns and villages, where natural beauty reigns supreme. From awe-inspiring mountains and serene lakes to picturesque countryside and cascading waterfalls, every corner of this region is a sight to behold.

Embrace the allure of Sarajevo, where history, culture, and natural splendor intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the warmth of its people, the charm of its streets, and the magic that emanates from its every corner. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, where captivating stories and breathtaking vistas await at every turn.



Built on gold-bearing rivers, Fojnica is a historically significant town situated around 60 kilometers northwest of Sarajevo. It is characterized by its religious, cultural, and historical legacy, which is further substantiated by archeological discoveries that span from the era of the Roman Empire and extend into earlier periods. Today known for its natural monuments, medicinal mineral waters, and thermal springs, Fojnica is also home to a few necropolises of medieval tombstones stećci. Visit Fojnica to enjoy in medical, mineral and thermal springs spa retreats, complemented by a stunning walk to Kozice Waterfall, tucked in the thick forest near the town. Savor homemade pie while relaxing in one of the cottages beside Prokoško Lake, located in one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Vranica mountain. For those who love hiking or mountain biking, Fojnica offers numerous trails across its surrounding mountains. If you're interested in cultural and historical sites, be sure to visit one of the oldest mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Atik mosque, as well as the museum and church of the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Spirit, perched on the hill above the town.


Located in the Bosna River valley and only twenty kilometers from Sarajevo, this small but erratic place has a lot to offer travelers. It's definitely worth stopping by and exploring. With its long and honorable history, Ilijaš stands as a crossroads of cultures and historical periods that produced a multitude of marks and astounding stamps that are legible to this day. This municipality is home to numerous necropolises of medieval tombstones, some of which are regarded as the most representative specimens and works of art in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, the municipality is home to one of the nation's best-preserved medieval forts, which towers over Ilijaš's contemporary core and inspires admiration in everyone who sees it. Ilijaš is home to amazing rural households and villages, as well as residents who are adamantly opposed to the modern world and committed to upholding their long-standing customs and genuine way of life. Additionally, one of the best-known cave complexes in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located northeast of the municipality as well, around forty minutes from its center.


Just a one hour of drive from Sarajevo brings you to the charming town of Kakanj, which is surrounded by a wealth of natural, historical, and cultural treasures. Because of its historic settlements that date back to the Neolithic and Paleolithic periods, this town has become well-known to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With its immaculate playground for skiing, hiking, cycling, and a variety of other sports and leisure activities, it is a popular destination for nature lovers. Kakanj's distinct attractiveness is enhanced by the Franciscan legacy that artfully decorates the town's surroundings. Representing this legacy is the magnificent Franciscan Monastery, which houses the Church of St. John the Baptist along with a plethora of other treasures such as a gallery, museum, and library. A prime example of medieval heritage that also relates to Kakanj is one of the most significant medieval forts in the entire country, the Royal Town of Bobovac.


Situated at three river mouths, surrounded by steep mountains and staggering nature, a pearl worth exploring is found. Kiseljak, a town that Romans used for recreational and healing purposes is only 40 kilometers away from Sarajevo. It is an area filled with attractive phenomena, highly associated with streams of mineral and sparkling water that flow from the very heart of the town. The town sits on the remains of medieval settlements around which medieval tombstones can be found to this day. Visiting Kiseljak means ending up in an area that over the course of centuries hosted many different cultures, with historical traits going back all the way to the neolithic age. Besides diverse historical and cultural heritage, nowadays Kiseljak is famous for unique gastronomic specialties that are made exclusively in combination with mineral water, which is one of the reasons why the town holds a special place in the hearts and minds of locals. Ensure you refill your bottle with fresh mineral water at the Kiseljak spring in the city center and savor the unique bread rolls filled with kaymak (a type of soft cream cheese).


The area surrounding Sarajevo contains many intriguing tales as well as experiences. The wealth of traditions, local customs, inspiring local architecture, and charming nature is what represents an essential part forever engraved in the destination of Kreševo. Engage in a journey of research and discovery as you delve into the captivating aspects of this jewel. Experience the consumption of locally sourced, fresh products and engage in the exploration of landmarks spanning several historical periods. Visit the iconic Franciscan Monastery, explore the charming cobblestone streets, and immerse yourself in the authentic local culture by interacting with the friendly residents of tranquil medieval villages. Experience the narratives and observe the distinctive indigenous customs of Kreševo, including the practice of egg shoeing and everlasting affinity for crystals.


Discover Olovo, town located 50 km northeast of Sarajevo. Whether it is mountain biking, rock climbing, spa & wellness, hiking, fishing, swimming, and summer retreats on sites such as Bijambare Protected Landscape, Olovo stands as a haven for nature lovers as well as sports and recreation enthusiasts. Situated on nine thermal-mineral water springs, one of which is in the town center, this destination is known for its mountain springs and streams. Beyond magnificent nature, corners of Olovo also offer intriguing cultural and historical treasures, such as medieval tombstones stećci at 40 different sites, the historic Sveta Gospa Olovska Monastery, a well-preserved 16th-century mosque, an Orthodox Church on the hillside, and the iconic medieval monument Obelisk. Whether visiting for outdoor activities or for cultural exploration, Olovo is guaranteed to deliver many surprises and memorable experiences.


Located in the valley surrounded by the Olympic mountain Jahorina, Ravna Planina ski resort, and Romanija Mountain, Pale is an ideal base for adventure enthusiasts throughout the year. Discover numerous hiking and mountain biking trails across these mountains. Experience the breathtaking views from the via ferrata Falcon Path on Romanija. A short drive from the city center takes you to the starting point of a roughly 20-minute walk to the scenic source of the Pale Miljacka river. Following your hike, enjoy delicious meals at a few local restaurants near the trailhead, where you can relax with the cool river breeze and the soothing sounds of its rapids. Make sure to visit Novak’s Cave and the cave at the source of Mokro’s Miljacka. Also, don't skip a guided tour through the remarkable Orlovaca Cave to enjoy in its distinctive formations and rich paleontological finds.


Umoljani Village is situated on Bjelašnica Mountain, above 1300 meters altitude, and it’s one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This charming village attracts outdoor enthusiasts, excursionists, and nature lovers seeking a peaceful ambiance, traditional cuisine, authentic stories, and intriguing national monuments. In the nearby surroundings of the village atop the hill proudly stands a necropolis of medieval stećak tombstones. At the village's entrance, there's a unique mosque, among the country's oldest, designed in a style that withstands the harsh mountain weather. According to some accounts, the Sarajevo Haggadah was hidden and preserved in this mosque during World War II. Fantastic landscapes, hiking trails, and walking paths unfold near the village, with winding Studeni Potok Creek and Rakitnica Canyon being some of the most captivating sites for nature retreats and visits. A segment of the well-known long-distance hiking path, the Via Dinarica (White Trail), traverses through Umoljani and along the Rakitnica Canyon before reaching Lukomir Village, also one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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