Wilderness Wonders

Day 1

Start your day in the stunning Blidinje Nature Park with exhilarating activities like cycling, trekking, or quad journeys amidst breathtaking landscapes. Indulge in authentic local delicacies from rural households along the way. Venture to the magnificent Cincar Mountain and search for wild horses. Bond with nature and enjoy a traditional Livno picnic during the break. In the evening, immerse yourself in the traditional rural lifestyle at Čardaklije Ethno Village, enjoying a mouthwatering dinner and experiencing the preserved heritage.

Day 2
Čardaklije-National Park Una-Novi Grad

Experience the magic of the woods in Čardaklije, discovering the secrets of weaving and wool clothing. Journey to the enchanting National Park Una, marveling at the beauty of Martin Brod and Štrbački Buk. Enjoy exhilarating rafting or kayaking adventures on the Una River. Afterward, head to Novi Grad and unwind in the vibrant atmosphere of the town’s promenade, nestled along the banks of the Una River.

Day 3
Novi Grad-National Park Kozara

Begin your day in Novi Grad with a coffee experience and a visit to the local Heritage Museum. Explore the charming village of Donji Rakani and savor authentic local cheese. Take a refreshing boat ride and consider fly-fishing on the Una River. Journey to the panoramic National Park Kozara, where you can hike or cycle through untouched landscapes. Visit the iconic Memorial Complex, and indulge in wellness and spa sessions.

Day 4
National Park Kozara-Banja Luka

After breakfast in the serene surroundings of National Park Kozara, travel to the captivating city of Banja Luka. Discover historical landmarks, stroll through the historic streets, and experience the unique dayak boat ride on the Vrbas River. Engage in a fun cooking workshop with locals, learning to prepare traditional dishes. Explore the Trappist Zvijezda Monastery and taste their renowned Trappist cheese. In the evening, immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Banja Luka.