Winter Wonderland

Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Winter Wonderland! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure filled with skiing and other thrilling activities such as snowshoeing, snowboarding, ski touring, with a wealth of destinations where snow-capped mountains and pristine slopes await your arrival. 

Since the unforgettable Winter Olympics in 1984, the skiing areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina have undergone remarkable transformations. While experiencing massive upgrades, they have managed to preserve the warm and welcoming hospitality that will make your visit truly unforgettable. Immerse yourself in the charm of the Olympic venues on where a world of excitement awaits. 

 For those seeking an exhilarating learning experience, Ravna Planina, the newest ski center near Sarajevo, is the perfect place for beginners to master the art of skiing before taking on the Olympic-style powder. Moreover, smaller centers like Vlašić, Kupres, and Blidinje in central and west Bosnia offer delightful holiday spots for families, promising endless fun and cherished memories. 


Igman, with its pristine air and natural beauty, is an ideal destination for skiing and sports team training. It offers approximately 50 kilometers of Nordic running trails and 160 marked mountain biking trails. Explore the unique Mrazište area and experience the extreme cold that reached a record low of -43.5 °C. The tranquil valley of Malo Polje is perfect for ski schools, featuring 5 baby ski lifts and a two-seater cable car.


Bjelašnica ski center boasts top-notch ski trails, including the renowned Babin Do trails, which are among the best in Europe. With 8 ski trails, 5 children’s trails, and advanced infrastructure featuring cable cars and ski lifts, it offers a memorable skiing experience. Enjoy night skiing on illuminated slopes and benefit from the artificial snowmaking system. The recent modernization efforts include a six-seater cable car and a four-seater cable car from the intermediate station to the mountain’s peak.


Jahorina, the most modern ski center in Southeastern Europe, offers a range of new investments and upgrades for the upcoming winter season. With the implementation of the “SnowFactory” system for artificial snowmaking and the addition of new ski lifts, visitors can enjoy 47 kilometers of well-prepared alpine ski trails. The resort also boasts illuminated night skiing trails, a toboggan run, a Snowboard Park, and a ski tunnel. With a total capacity of 31,000 skiers per hour, Jahorina guarantees an unforgettable skiing experience for all skill levels.

Ravna Planina

Located in the village of Gornje Pale, just 20 kilometers from Sarajevo, Ravna Planina ski center offers a picturesque winter getaway. With 12.5 kilometers of well-groomed ski trails, including a 1400-meter main trail and a 4.5-kilometer blue trail, visitors can enjoy a variety of skiing options. The ski lift has a capacity of 800 skiers per hour, and the resort is proud to feature the first gondola-cable car in Bosnia and Herzegovina skiing sites. Additionally, Ravna Planina offers a free electric car charger, promoting eco-friendly travel.


The increasingly popular ski resort of Kupres attracts skiers and snowboarders from western Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dalmatia. Located just 5 kilometers from Kupres and less than two hours drive from Split, its favorable geographical position at an altitude of 1250m guarantees 100 days of snow, making it an ideal destination for skiing and recreational activities. With 4 ski slopes spanning approximately 13 km, equipped with two-seater and anchor lifts, as well as a dedicated ski school, visitors of all skill levels can enjoy their time on the slopes. In addition to skiing, the resort offers activities such as sledding, night skiing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding, ensuring a memorable winter experience.

Risovac Blidinje

Risovac Ski Center, nestled on the slopes of Čvrsnica Mountain, is the heart of tourism in Blidinje Nature Park. Originally established in the aftermath of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games, the ski center has grown into a beloved winter destination. The installation of new ski lifts, including a Doppelmayr lift, has enhanced the skiing experience for visitors. With a range of slopes and facilities, including a dedicated area for young beginners, Risovac Ski Center offers an exciting winter adventure. Plan your visit from mid-November to early March and enjoy the snowy slopes in the picturesque Blidinje Nature Park.


Vlašić Ski Center is among leading ski destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a wide range of accommodation options, including hotels and private rentals, conveniently located along the ski slopes, visitors have easy access to the slopes. The ski center features 5 ski lifts, including double chairlifts, servicing 7 ski slopes suitable for various skill levels. Ski equipment rental and ski school instructors are available at the resort. Additionally, night skiing is offered on the Babanovac I and II slopes, adding to the excitement of the winter experience.


In the winter season, key aspects of this delightful and compact ski center include captivating dining options, lodging amenities such as a hotel and an ethnic village, wellness services, nighttime skiing, and entertainment. Featuring a pair of ski lifts, the Rostovo Ski Center presents an attractive option for individuals and groups seeking to explore new destinations, immerse themselves in the local winter ambiance, and enjoy a variety of activities. Characterized as suitable for novices and those seeking recreational activities, the Rostovo Ski Center is situated at an elevation of 1160 meters, approximately 12 kilometers away from Bugojno. 


Situated at an elevation of approximately 1000 meters above sea level, Ski Center Ponijeri features a trail spanning around 1000 meters. Throughout the season, both small and large ski lifts are operational. This ski center boasts well-maintained ski slopes, a longstanding ski school, equipment rental services, nighttime skiing, and convenient accessibility. The facility includes multiple apartments and an eco-friendly house with an authentic culinary section. Ponijeri’s captivating allure is noteworthy, capturing attention due to its scenic charm. With its aesthetics and array of amenities, Ponijeri emerge as a perfect and enticing destination for leisure and rejuvenation, not just for Kakanj and Visoko, but for the broader region as well.