The Countryside

Venture off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian countryside. Here, the rolling hills, tranquil rivers, and rustic villages paint a picture of timeless charm. This is where tradition thrives, and the warm heart of the nation truly shines.

Visiting the villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina is akin to stepping back in time, into a world where the pace of life is slower and more in tune with nature. The hospitality here is legendary; every guest is welcomed with open arms, a radiant smile, and an offer of the finest local produce.

Traditional farming methods are still practiced, with handmade tools and machinery skillfully used to cultivate the land. Taste the fruits of this labor in the form of organic food, prepared with love and served with pride. This is food as it should be, pure, unprocessed, and delicious, a testament to the rich, fertile soils from which it is born.

Witness a lifestyle that is a rarity in modern Europe. In these villages, tradition isn’t just preserved; it is lived, breathed, and celebrated every day. From traditional attire to folk songs echoing through the valleys, the rural life here is a captivating blend of the past and present.

The Bosnian and Herzegovinian countryside is not just a destination; it’s a journey back in time, a chance to reconnect with nature, and a rare opportunity to experience a way of life that has endured the passage of time. This is more than tourism; this is an adventure for the soul.

Ethno & Eco Villages

Ethno Village Herceg Međugorje

Herceg Ethno Village Međugorje, is a distinctive hotel and tourist complex set on a 4-hectare expanse featuring approximately 50 stone buildings. Crafted from stone, this village captures the essence of a traditional Herzegovinian village. Positioned in a rural environment near the renowned pilgrimage destination of Medjugorje, this expansive tourist-hospitality complex covers 40,000 m2. Guests choosing to stay here will enjoy elevated comfort, blending modern conveniences with traditional elements. The offerings include a refined restaurant with a wine cellar, diverse enogastronomic experiences, souvenir shops showcasing a broad range of crafts, a mill, stables with domestic animals, an amphitheater serving as a cultural hub with a spacious multipurpose hall, and a chapel situated at the heart of the village.
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Ethno Bey's Village

Etno Bey’s Village is an authentic Bosnian village situated in the deep forest at an altitude of 1,400 meters, in a region rich in natural and cultural diversity. Clean air, beautiful landscapes, and many relaxation and outdoor options make this beautiful village an ideal place for gatherings and a favorite destination for nature enthusiasts. The flora and fauna of this area are vibrant and diverse as well, with the coniferous forest harboring a rich variety of wildlife. Whether they want to enjoy delicious traditional Bosnian cuisine, visit the nearby Bijambare Cave, or spend a night in one of the uniquely decorated Bosnian-style units, visitors' stay in Ethno Bey's Village will absolutely be a memorable experience.
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Ethno Village Čardaci

Situated at the bank of Lašva River, in Vitez town, Ethno Village Čardaci boasts traditional architecture and décor where cozy wooden cottages and captivating atmosphere combine with modern amenities, homemade food and various opportunities for fun, entartainment and recreation. Besides the Ethno Village Čardaci, there is a water park featuring four pools, intriguing water attractions, sport terrains and cafes.
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Ethno Village Kotromanićevo

Situated along the banks of the Veličanka River, around 20 kilometers from Doboj, Royal Village Kotromanićevo offers cozy wooden houses. During the summer, guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant, a beach volleyball court, and an ethno market offering souvenirs, herbs, honey, and homemade products. Children can play on the playground, surrounded by forests and wooden elements. The village is also home to one of the region's finest traditional restaurants, featuring unique medieval artifacts and replicas, creating an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of a timeworn royal house. With a capacity for up to 230 guests, the restaurant invites visitors to savor dishes crafted from generations-old recipes.
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Ethno Village Dolina Sreće

Located in the untouched nature near Vitez, Dolina Sreće is a newly opened ethno village offering charming cottages that resemble childhood dreams. The overall ambiance is enhanced by adorable animals and the soothing sounds of birds and a nearby stream. The complex, currently featuring 9 cottages, a swimming pool, and a tavern serving homemade food, promises a relaxing retreat with ongoing updates to enhance your stay. Dolina Sreće is the ideal destination to unwind and appreciate nature, offering comfortable accommodations and various activities like hiking, biking, and horseback riding.
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Ethno Village Ljubačke Doline

Ethno Village – Museum Ljubačke doline, situated in Ljubačevo village just 17 kilometers from Banja Luka, serves as an open-air museum spanning 2 hectares. With a focus on showcasing the life and traditions of the local community from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the village comprises 40 different buildings, including houses, barns, a pantry, vajats, a corn storage facility, and more. The central market features a tavern and various shops like an antique shop, tailor, weaver, barber, and herbalist, while the other side hosts reconstructed blacksmith, carpenter, and cooper shops, along with a general store, all furnished with authentic tools and machines from the historical period.
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Ethno Village Remić

Discover a variety of options at the Etno selo "Remić" tourist complex, perfect for both summer and winter getaways. Stay in comfortable ethno houses and rooms that offer a modern touch while ensuring a relaxing experience with amenities like bathrooms, central heating, and free WiFi. The on-site restaurant, accommodating up to 350 guests, provides a charming ethno atmosphere and serves a delightful array of traditional dishes prepared in a modern kitchen for guests to savor. Ethno Village Remić is located approximately 15 kilometers from Prozor.
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Ethno Village Čardaklije

Ethno village “Čardaklije” is located close to Bosanski Petrovac, in the village of Vrtoče. In Čardaklije, the Radošević family continues the traditions of their ancestors, maintaining a lifestyle that echoes the past 150 years. At their Ethno Village, escape the urban hustle and discover a peaceful atmosphere, where you can unwind in nature, accompanied by birdsong and the rhythmic beats of horse hooves. Experience a break from modern technology and daily routines, indulging in traditional cuisine and beverages. For those seeking an active retreat, engage in horseback riding, carriage driving, explore woodland paths on a bike, or embark on mountain hikes. "Čardaklije" invites you to discover age-old crafts like loom weaving, forging, and wool spinning. Their mission is to provide an authentic glimpse into a traditional way of life, allowing you to immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience while showcasing the richness of the region and its heritage.
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Ethno Village Dodig

Etno Village Dodig, positioned in the countryside near Drvar, offers a retreat with unexpected delights, ensuring unforgettable moments of relaxation. Positioned along the green route of the Via Dinarica corridor, this ethno village embraces gastronomic and mountain tourism, providing opportunities for cycling, hiking, overnight stays, and leisure in cozy cottages. The host and his culinary team skillfully craft dishes from local ingredients, promising a delightful culinary experience. Some cottages boast terraces with scenic river or mountain views, and a village souvenir shop adds to the charm. The ethno village extends its offerings to various activities, including horseback riding, cycling, hiking, and leisure games like darts or table tennis. Additionally, the conference room is available for hosting events.
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Ethno Village Stanišići

At the exit from Bijeljina, three kilometers towards the Pavlovića Bridge, you will find the Ethno Village 'Stanišići.' The village consists of two distinct units: one, a representation of secular life, composed of wooden cottages with centuries-old housewares, interconnected by stone paths and centered around two lakes; the other, embodying spiritual life, showcases medieval stone architecture with replicas of historic and religious significance. The village encompasses various structures, including watermills, a dairy plant, a blacksmith's workshop, a stone well, a barn, and authentic wooden houses featuring exhibits of housewares and costumes. Notably, the operational mill, dating back to 1937, and the 1917 watermill still produce flour used in the village's restaurant. The dominant Hotel "Pirg," designed in medieval style with two towers, seamlessly blends into the village's ambiance. Part of the broader tourist complex, the Ethno Village Stanišići includes ethno museums, restaurants, hotels, mountain houses, wedding venues, stadiums, sports fields, and a modern Wellness & Spa center named Leonida. The village boasts three restaurants where culinary experts prepare a variety of traditional and international dishes.
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Eco Village Grabovica

Eco Village Grabovica - a tourist complex on the shores of Lake Buško, blends authentic village charm with quality services. The Eco Village Grabovica includes a garden, terrace, and bar, featuring a tour desk and a children's playground. Guests can enjoy numerous activities within the property or its surroundings, such as horseback riding, hiking, and fishing, with Lake Buško being around 300 meters away. The village houses a zoo for children and a horse riding school. Eco Village Grabovica serves as an ideal excursion destination, appealing to everyone from children to retirees, with various amenities catering to their interests. An idyllic place with a stunning view of Lake Buško, the village includes its own mini lake with a large fountain and several smaller ones along the streams through the eco village, adding a special touch to this 'paradise' destination.
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Eco Village Boračko Jezero

If you appreciate nature, home-cooked meals, and seek an escape from the urban noise, Eco Village 'Boračko Lake' may be a perfect destination. Situated along Boračko Lake, covering over 37,000 m², and located approximately 18 km from the regional center of Konjic, it offers a tranquil retreat about 70 kilometers away from major cities, Sarajevo and Mostar. The Eco Village provides various amenities, including a large football field, small football field, table tennis, beach volleyball, grass volleyball, a fitness trail through the orchard, darts, tug of war, and boat rides. The Auto Camp, a distinct unit within the Eco Village Boračko Lake, ensures guests peace, privacy, and full enjoyment of the lake's charms. The Eco Village additionally features three pontoon beaches, including a sandy beach, shaded oases for relaxation, and a fishing pontoon for enthusiasts. The hosts are very keen on providing and organizing outdoor activities for the visitors.
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Eco Village Semešnica

Discover Eco Village 'Semešnica,' situated along the Semešnica River near Donji Vakuf, just 3 km from the city center. With a scenic fishpond, the 'Semešnica' restaurant offers a diverse selection of food and beverages, complemented by riverside bungalows, coolers, and benches for relaxation. In the eco village, you can encounter donkeys, ponies, ducks, and even swans. Plentiful, unpolluted air and water, as well as a forest teeming with life. Summer is an especially ideal time for recreation and relaxation, when the natural beauty and refreshing water provide a profound sense of tranquility. The 'Semešnica’ fish farm serves as a splendid resort for both brief and extended vacations. Be sure to savor the freshly caught trout accompanied by homemade somun prepared at a traditional mill situated within the resort, which also processes the flour for somun.

Eco Village Raj u Raju

Eco Village Raj u Raju is situated just 8 km from Konjic and features a small outdoor pool and a restaurant serving customized meals. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, it serves as an excellent base for diverse outdoor activities. Each bungalow comes with a paved courtyard. Guests enjoy private bathrooms with bathtubs and provided toiletries, and every room provides great views of the mountains and the river. A mobile air conditioner is also at their disposal. The eco settlement offers amenities like a tennis court, playground, and children's club. Guests can partake in activities like cycling, hiking, and billiards on-site and in the nearby area. Furthermore, the option for organized rafting and hiking excursions is available.
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Eco Village Natura Art

Eco Village 'Natura Art' awaits artists, dreamers, bohemians, and those seeking tranquil relaxation in a unique setting, situated in Lohovo, near the Una River and the northern boundary of Una National Park, just 10 km from Bihać. Visitors to Eco Village 'Natura Art' can experience traditional Bosnian houses, mills, watermills, ancient blacksmith shops, and lovely summer gardens along the Una River with waterfalls and gentle rapids. The village displays agricultural and household tools and domestic animals like horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and goats to create a rural atmosphere. A diverse gastronomic menu, including the village's famous Una River trout, traditional homemade dishes, and bell-prepared specialties, enhances the experience.
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