Bosnia and Herzegovina nightlife

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a cultural crossroads with a vibrant nightlife scene in the country. Nightclubs offer global beats, jazz bars provide a relaxed vibe, and traditional kafanas serve local drinks and encourage heartfelt conversations.

Venture further to Herzegovina, where the vibrant towns of Mostar and Trebinje boast an equally dynamic nightlife. Here, the evening air carries the soft strumming of Herzegovinian tunes from the local taverns, harmonizing beautifully with the sounds of the night.

In the north, the city of Banja Luka offers a lively mix of modern dance clubs and cozy bars, making it an exciting destination for night owls. Its vibrant student population guarantees a youthful, energetic vibe that lasts until the early hours.

The nightlife in Bosnia and Herzegovina is also punctuated by numerous festivals. The Garden of Dreams festival in Sarajevo is a magical blend of music, art, and nature, creating an enchanting nocturnal experience under the stars. And then, there’s the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), where the city is transformed into an open-air cinema and party hub, attracting film buffs and party-goers alike from around the globe.

Whether you’re a passionate party-goer, a lover of live performances, or a seeker of cultural experiences, Bosnia and Herzegovina promises unforgettable nights that will leave you yearning for more.

Dom Mladih Sarajevo

Dom mladih Sarajevo is a popular cultural and entertainment venue located in the heart of Sarajevo. It has been an important hub for youth-oriented activities and events for many years.

Sloga Sarajevo

If you want to experience nightlife in Sarajevo, this is one of the places that is highly recommended located in the heart of Sarajevo. Monday is latino night, Thursday there’s live music, Saturday exhibits live music and party. If you want late-night parties this is a place for you. It is a spacious club that is mainly visited by a young crowd who happens to be students but also locals and travelers.

Jazzbina Sarajevo

Jazzbine's mission is to give the city and its people something different - a spark of jazz, a touch of blues, the movements of funk, the spirit of rock 'n' roll and the scream of punk, and above all - quality service, a rich selection of drinks and an unforgettable experience. More than 180 domestic and foreign bands from four different continents performed at Jazzbina.

Silver and Smoke

Located in the heart of Sarajevo, Silver and Smoke also known as Podrum offers all-night parties including techno and electronic music. Welcoming DJs from all around the world, it is a perfect place to dance and enjoy until the early morning hours.

Trezor Sarajevo

In the club Trezor, not only will electronic music fans have a nice time, but other visitors will also appreciate the club's contemporary setting and sound and lighting effects. On the weekends, local and international musicians play in the club and create an atmosphere that is worth visiting.

Daleka Obala Mostar

Daleka Obala is one of the most popular nightclubs among young people from Mostar and Herzegovina. It is a large open-air nightclub, located by the city pool it is especially crowded on weekends, when lots of young people come to have fun till the early morning hours.

Ali Baba Cave Mostar

Ali Baba Cave is not symbolically named “cave”. It’s a literary very deep and raw cave surrounded by Ottoman architecture, handicraft shops, souvenir shops, restaurants etc. A very pleasant lounge bar setup perfectly fits a relaxing atmosphere during the day. Nights are louder and are reserved for DJs or interesting thematic nights.

Boom Boom Room Banja Luka

If you want to dance all night and enjoy electronic, modern and techno music Boom Boom Room is a place to be in Banja Luka. Wednesdays are Latino nights so make sure you enjoy and get loose with funky notes.

Svarog Bihać

Svarog Winter House hosts many of the region’s best DJs on its famously vibrant weekend party nights. There are plenty of good offers available on the drinks side of things, meaning there is little excuse for not hitting the dance floor.

Palma/Dom Mladih Tuzla

Dom Mladih was founded in 1986 and has been working continuously since then, conceived with the concept of an urban club, a gathering place for young people of the urban music and art scene of Tuzla. Often hosting a barbecue in the day and live DJ performances open to all those who enjoy modern notes with a Balkan touch.