National Parks & Protected Areas

Discover the land where nature’s beauty is safeguarded and celebrated. Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to national parks and protected areas that invite you to explore their unspoiled landscapes and diverse ecosystems. From rugged mountains to serene lakes, forests, and rivers, each protected area offers a unique opportunity to connect with the natural world in its purest form. More about the protected areas in the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kozara National Park

Kozara National Park, located in the northwest Krajina region of Bosnia, is a natural haven bordered by the rivers Una, Sava, Sana, and Vrbas. Its gentle rolling hills and dense conifer forests make it the perfect destination for a peaceful day surrounded by nature. Within the park, there is a vast hunting reservation spanning over 18,000 hectares, overseen by the local hunting association and requiring a permit for hunting activities. The remaining portion of the park offers opportunities for walking, hiking, biking, and picnics, as well as the chance to indulge in herbs and flower picking. Amenities such as lodging, restaurants, and other facilities are available to enhance your experience in the park. One of the most significant sites within the national park is the Memorial Complex on Mrakovica, dedicated to the historic Battle of Kozara and all the hardships and heroism from World War II. Nowadays, visitors can step back in time and uniquely experience the iconic event, through VR technology. The central point of the memorial complex is the Monument to the Revolution and a museum.

Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s oldest parks. It is famous for the Partisan victory over the Germans in World War II and there is a memorial complex commemorating the event. The park itself is 17,500 ha of magnificent wilderness, including Perućica primeval forest. Skakavac Waterfall can be seen from the lookout point – this 75m waterfall is dwarfed by the massive blanket of green trees that covers the valley. Mt. Maglić, BiH’s highest peak at 2,386m is located in the park and presents a challenging climb for experienced hikers. Zelengora Mountain is great for hiking and walking and there are several newly renovated mountain huts on its slopes where bear and chamois sightings are common.

Una National Park

The National Park Una is home to the magnificent Una River, a stunning karst-limestone waterway that belongs to the Black Sea Basin. Originating from natural springs in Donja Suvaja and Martin Brod, the river flows through the park, showcasing its untouched beauty. Within the park, you will find the charming settlements of Kulen Vakuf and Martin Brod, offering essential amenities such as cozy bed and breakfast accommodations, cafés, raft launches, and delightful restaurants. The park’s main attractions include the breathtaking waterfalls of Martin Brod and Štrbački Buk, which are renowned for their natural splendor. The crystal-clear waters of the Una River, surrounded by a lush green forest teeming with rare and endemic species, create a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience for visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy world-class whitewater rafting along the river’s rapids! The experience is further enriched by diverse accommodation facilities that blend with nature.

Drina National Park

Drina National Park represents the newest addition to the national park network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Renowned for its extraordinary natural attributes and a wide array of animal species, this park boasts remarkable biodiversity. Drina National Park boasts remarkable natural attributes. Its key features encompass the habitats harboring endemic and relict plant species, with a primary focus on the Pančić’s spruce, as well as the striking gorge-canyon landscape of the Drina River and its tributaries. This region forms a distinctive complex, representing a segment of the Dinaric Old Vlach-Rašk Highlands.

Bijambare Protected Landscape

Located 40 kilometers north of Sarajevo on the road to Olovo and Tuzla, Bijambare is a captivating natural wonder in the Sarajevo Canton. This 340-hectare protected area boasts the mesmerizing Bijambare Caves, offering a unique adventure for visitors. Explore the caves on a guided tour, marveling at the fascinating rock formations and mysterious underground passages. The tour lasts around half an hour, leaving you with plenty of time to immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty. Take a stroll along the short path to a shallow cave, where you can enjoy a picnic with a breathtaking view above the lush tree line. Experience the refreshing contrast of temperatures as you step from the warm summer air into the cool embrace of the caves. Don’t forget to bring a fleece or a jumper to stay comfortable. Bijambare is thoughtfully equipped with convenient amenities such as parking, a spacious picnic area, and a welcoming mountain lodge that provides accommodation and delectable food options. Escape to Bijambare for a day of exploration, natural splendor, and unforgettable memories.

Protected Landscape

Nature enthusiasts will undoubtedly be captivated by Konjuh’s unspoiled landscapes, rare plant species, and plentiful drinkable water sources. Exploring Konjuh’s forests provides a distinct sense of delight. Konjuh warmly welcomes a diverse range of visitors, including recreationists, mountaineers, families, retirees, as well as alpinists and speleologists. Cyclists also frequent the area, conquering its ascents in their unique manner. Every individual will discover their way to appreciate at least a part of this wondrous mountain, drawing from the boundless energy that it generously offers.

Hutovo Blato
Nature Park

Located on the border of Čapljina and Stolac, Hutovo Blato encompasses an impressive 7824 hectares of pure nature wonder, between the mighty Neretva delta and the gentle rolling Ostrovo limestone ridge. It is a magical place where the land softly greets the waters, carving beautiful landscapes of shimmering lakes, and picturesque canals, all teeming with an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna.  A place where nature’s symphony orchestrates a harmonious dance between land, water, and sky. This unique blend has earned Hutovo Blato the prestigious accolade of being one of the largest bird wintering grounds in Europe. For those who seek a more active experience than bird watching and boat rides, don your adventurous hat and glide through the sparkling lakes on a canoe. Be part of the symphony, as your paddle dips into the tranquil waters, stirring ripples that shimmer in the sunlight. It’s an experience that brings you face-to-face with the beauty and serenity of the wilderness, a moment to bond with nature’s splendors. Optionally, experience peaceful recreational fishing or cycling on untouched landscapes. After your outdoor fun, indulge in the mouthwatering Herzegovinian cuisine and the local dishes, lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding lands, providing a culinary experience that is as natural and diverse as the park itself.

Blidinje Nature Park

Discover the allure of Blidinje, a nature lover’s paradise tucked between Čvrsnica and Vran mountains. Traverse the meeting point of Mediterranean and Alpine climates, a stage set for a fascinating biodiversity spectacle. Unwind in our cozy mountain lodges, just a stone’s throw away from the serene Masna Luka Franciscan Monastery. For adventurous spirits, embark on the Via Dinarica trail, where awe-inspiring vistas await at every turn. Enjoy the intriguing nature that unfolds around Blidinje Lake, and savor local flavors at the welcoming motel and restaurant. At Blidinje, every moment is a brushstroke in your nature-filled masterpiece.

Tara Nature Park

The core treasures of the Tara Nature Park center around the breathtaking Tara River gorge canyon, adorned with a multitude of rapids, waterfalls, and cascades that create a mesmerizing spectacle. The park’s allure is further enhanced by its vibrant landscapes, a rich tapestry of varied ecosystems and habitats, as well as the presence of relict and endemic plant species.

Prača Nature Park

The nature park’s distinctive significance lies in the gorge-canyon expanse of the Prača River valley, which is enriched by the presence of captivating caves such as Govještica and Banja Stijena. These caves hold a wealth of intricate karst formations, showcasing the mysterious beauty of the underground landscape. Exploring these sites becomes a captivating journey into the hidden world beneath the surface.

Vrelo Bosne
Natural Monument

Sarajevo’s remarkable natural treasure, Vrelo Bosne, is an urban oasis located in the suburb of Ilidza. This park holds the source of the majestic River Bosna. Getting to Vrelo Bosne is a delightful adventure in itself, as you can choose to arrive by tram, car, bike, bus, or even a traditional horse-drawn carriage known as a fijaker. With its rich history dating back to Roman times, this park has been a beloved destination for centuries. The expansive green surroundings invite you to take leisurely walks, enjoy delightful picnics, or simply unwind on the grass with a captivating book.  The crystal-clear water that springs forth in Vrelo Bosne originates from the vast karst fields of Bjelasnica and Igman Mountains, creating a mesmerizing natural spectacle. Families with children and couples seeking a serene and romantic ambiance will find solace in the shaded alleys leading to the enchanting springs. Vrelo Bosne is a sanctuary where nature’s wonders and tranquility embrace, offering an idyllic escape from the bustling city.

Natural Monument

Sarajevo is blessed with the proximity of pristine nature, offering a refreshing escape just a stone’s throw away. Within a short distance of the city center, you’ll discover the magnificent Skakavac waterfall, the largest continuously flowing waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Standing proudly at a height of 98 meters, this natural wonder captivates with its breathtaking beauty, particularly during winter when its cascades transform into a stunning icy spectacle. Embark on a delightful two-hour walk from the charming village of Nahorevo, easily accessible by local buses. Along the way, you’ll find helpful markers and resting spots, ensuring a pleasant and leisurely journey.

Vjetrenica Cave

Vjetrenica has captivated those who’ve ventured within its depths with its mesmerizing allure. Its winding passages and chambers, abundant lakes and cascades, along with streams meandering in different directions, have left an indelible mark on visitors’ hearts. Notably, a collection of intriguing paleontological discoveries has been unearthed in Vjetrenica, with the remarkable discovery of a complete leopard (Panthera pardus) skeleton in 1968 standing as a highlight among them. Vjetrenica stands as a prominent natural gem within the nation’s boundaries, a cherished protected natural monument. Renowned for its incredibly diverse subterranean realm, Vjetrenica has unveiled over 200 distinct species, this remarkable biodiversity distinguishes Vjetrenica as one of the most diverse in the world. Notably, the cave is also home to the renowned human fish (Olm).