Halal Tourism

According to the Global Muslim Index report for 2023, Bosnia and Herzegovina has risen from 6th to 4th as Europe’s most visited halal tourist destination, and from 46th to 43rd internationally.

Halal tourism is more than simply a trend; it is a critical aspect for product and service suppliers seeking a competitive edge in both domestic and international markets. Given that the worth of this market in tourism is projected to be approximately $200 billion, halal visitors are becoming increasingly interested in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to its extensive list of certified halal businesses.

For halal travel, maintaining privacy and freedom of choice in tourist places has become critical. As a result of this new trend, the country’s tourist sector is undergoing substantial changes and strengthening to meet the halal market’s service requirements. Bosnia and Herzegovina joined the golden era of halal tourism through high-quality promotion of tourism offers, coordination of promotional efforts, and intensification of processes aimed at achieving halal standards and certification.

The halal certification process in BiH has been successfully completed by 15 tourist and catering facilities (5 hotels and 10 restaurants) and one certified travel agency (for more information, please visit Agency for Halal Quality Certification) with five agencies more that offer arrangements that meet the requirements of halal standards and the Halal Certification Guide for tourism and hospitality activities related to travel, accommodation, preparation and serving of food for halal tourists.

Pino Nature Hotel is the first hotel to be halal approved for accommodation, kitchen, and all other services in the category Halal Hotel. Last year, 2023, Hotel Hills Sarajevo and Hotel Hollywood successfully qualified their kitchens for the production and serving of halal meals, while Blagaj-based business Halal Odmori was certified to provide Halal Accommodation in their facilities. Other providers include “Restaurant Malak Farma” Kakanj, which satisfied the requirements of the Halal standard in the category Halal Restaurant.

Bosnia and Herzegovina goes beyond breathtaking landscapes and historical wonders; it caters specifically to the needs of the halal traveler. Additionally, Muslim guides are readily available to provide insights into the local culture and religious significance of various landmarks and destinations in the country, while dedicated prayer facilities further enhance the ease and comfort of Muslim travelers seeking a spiritual and enriching experience.

From the towering minarets calling to prayer to the delicious aromas of halal cuisine wafting through the air, from the centuries-old Muslim heritage to the one-of-a-kind cities and stunning nature sites, Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a fantastic journey for the discerning halal traveler. It’s a land where faith, customs, traditions, and heritage blend with inspiring nature, providing experiences that will resonate long after you depart.