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If there is one thing that BiH excels at, it is celebration! Celebrating just about everything under the sun, from film and music to wine and poetry is a trademark of our culture!

From folk to film, some of the best regional festivals can be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, highlighted by the world-renowned Sarajevo Film Festival. Bosnia and Herzegovina has long been known as a small country with a big culture. It was, in many ways, the cultural backbone of the former Yugoslavia – producing a number of the country’s music and film icons. The country hosts a fascinating mix of cutting-edge urban film and theatre fests and traditional festivals that portray the deep-rooted history of traditions here.There are dozens of smaller, more rural festivals around the country, like the UNESCO-listed Kupres scythe grass-cutting competition and Vareš’ Dutch oven cook-off to name a few.

Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevo Film Festival is the city’s and country’s biggest and most popular cultural event. It began as a humble project during the war in 1994. Since then, it has grown into a mainstay of the European film festival circuit, hosting notable actors like Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Robert De Niro.
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MESS Sarajevo

MESS is the country’s oldest art festival. It continues to foster its experimental element and discover young talents who have potential to become global stars on the theatre scene in the next several years.
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Kozara Ethno Fest

The festival, held in the first week of July in the village of Piskavica and the city of Banja Luka, is the largest of its kind in the country, boasting over 400 performers from various countries. With a focus on the identity and way of life of the Dinaric people, the event blends local customs with folk traditions from across the globe. Over the course of four days, attendees can enjoy performances by singing and dancing groups, traditional music ensembles, depictions of customs, ethno markets, traditional sports, fashion shows featuring traditional attire, seminars, and modern-traditional fusion events.
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BiH Color Festival

The concept of the festival is based on the throwing of colored powder on every round clock. The organizers strive for continuous creativity and innovation, enhancing both the daily offerings and the event's production with each passing year. Over the course of six years, the festival has attracted tens of thousands of attendees. Each year, the continual increase in visitor numbers drives greater investments in marketing and event production to meet the growing demand.
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Garden of Dreams Sarajevo

The Festival Garden of Dreams in Sarajevo is a cultural landmark that pushes the boundaries of artistry and unites music enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. Celebrating the power of electronic music, the festival fosters unity, joy, and inspiration among attendees. With its world-class DJs, captivating visual art, and enchanting venues, it promises an extraordinary.
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Freshwave Banja Luka

The Annual Fresh Wave Festival in Banja Luka, is a highly anticipated electronic music event held within the city's fortress on the banks of the Vrbas River. Bringing together a mix of local and international talent, this festival has become a recognized and acclaimed celebration of music and love. With a history spanning 10 years, Fresh Wave Festival has welcomed renowned DJs from around the world, including Sven Vath, Fedde Le Grand, Joris Voorn, and many more, creating an electrifying atmosphere that has attracted music enthusiasts from over 30 countries.
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Mostar Blues Festival

This is the first blues festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This three-day music event, held in mid-July in the city of Mostar, includes performances from both local and international blues artists in settings such as the plateau below the UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Bridge. It is a fun and laid-back occasion providing free live music at all the outdoor venues.
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Old Bridge Diving Contest Mostar

Old Bridge Dives is Mostar’s calling card. Every year, divers from all around the world jump off the 26-meter Old Bridge. Jumping from the Old Bridge was Mostar’s tradition long before it was organized as an official international event. Its popularity continues to grow year by year, as the contest is now broadcast worldwide as part of the Red Bull diving series. It can be quite packed so be sure to get there early. Seating is free of charge. Various musical performances accompany the event. Aside from the Red Bull competition, there is also the traditional, headfirst, diving contest in Mostar that has been practiced for many decades.

Drill & Chill Banja Luka

Ten days of bolting, climbing, highlining, nature, and nights around the fire - A celebration of an international climbing and highlining culture and the spirit of vertical pioneering. The festival is organized by Climbing Club Extreme Banja Luka and is conceived around the idea of connecting climbers, highliners and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.
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Baščaršija Nights Sarajevo

This unique festival has a free mainstage event every night for the month of July. The municipality of the Old Town and the Sarajevo Art Agency organize this month-long festival where there are daily open-air performances on the main stage across City Hall (Vijećnica). There are also numerous arts, music, and cultural events every day in various venues. It is the city’s best added value event for visitors due to the free access and quality of the program.
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Slovo Gorčina Stolac

Since 1971, the Slovo Gorčina culture festival in Stolac, held at the historic stećak necropolis of Radimlje, has been a prominent gathering point for those seeking a medley of artistic and intellectual expression. Offering a diverse palette of human creativity, the festival features an eclectic mix of poetry recitations, musical performances, visual arts, and engaging dialogues on philosophy and history. This festival embodies a celebration of the human spirit, making it a captivating event that brings together people from various walks of life to connect, share, and appreciate the richness of cultural expression.
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Street Art Mostar

The Street Art Mostar festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an exciting event that breathes new life into the streets of Mostar. This dynamic festival showcases the talent and creativity of local and international street artists, who transform blank walls into vibrant works of art. From colorful murals to striking graffiti, the festival turns the city into an open-air gallery. Visitors can explore the streets, discovering hidden artistic treasures and witnessing the evolution of urban art firsthand. Street Art Mostar not only adds a touch of creativity to the cityscape but also fosters cultural exchange, community engagement, and appreciation for the power of public art.
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OK Fest Tjentište

OK Fest in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a dynamic and engaging festival that celebrates music, arts, and culture. This annual event brings together a diverse range of local and international artists, musicians, and performers to showcase their talent and entertain the audience. OK Fest features a variety of music genres, including live concerts, DJ sets, and performances from emerging artists. In addition to music, the festival also embraces other forms of artistic expressions, such as visual arts, film screenings, and workshops. With its energetic atmosphere and vibrant lineup, OK Fest offers a memorable experience that highlights the creative spirit and cultural diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Ljubuški Outdoor Festival

The Ljubuški Outdoor Festival is a remarkable assemblage of sports and recreational activities designed to unite and revive the dispersed cultural, historical, and natural heritage along its competition routes. Paragliding competitions, running, cycling, and trail routes converge along the scenic river Trebižat, which not only showcases its hydrological potential but also encompasses two breathtaking natural wonders: Kravica and Koćuša waterfalls. Furthermore, the festival's route interconnects significant national cultural monuments, including the Roman military camp in Gračine and the fortress of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, which hold immense historical value and contribute to the festival's distinct allure as a treasure collection of cultural exploration.
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Sarajevo Matinee

Experience the vibrant Sarajevo Matinee events featuring electronic music at diverse locations throughout the city. Matinee, derived from the French word meaning daytime entertainment, brings together the essence of fun, socializing, and music during the early hours until sunset. These daytime parties offer a unique atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy the music, drinks, and socializing during daylight hours. Whether in open locations or clubs, matinee parties provide a refreshing alternative for young people, offering easier access, less crowding, and the same level of enjoyment as nighttime events. Join the trend of daytime entertainment and discover the excitement of Sarajevo Matinee events.
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