Kozara Ethno Fest

The principal idea of the festival is to show the neglected and forgotten tourist potential of the Kozara mountain and Potkozarje, and point to some new directions of tourism through the rural tourism, and the protection and preservation of cultural and natural wealth of the village. Kozara ethno represents a Kozara ethno man, how people…

Sarajevo Film Festival

Towards the end of the four-year siege of Sarajevo, with the desire to help the renewal of civil society, and thus sustain the cosmopolitan spirit of the city, in 1995, the ART Center Obala launched Sarajevo Film Festival. SFF serves as a common platform for film business of the entire region, setting high standards in…

Youth Film Festival

The basic aim of the Youth Film Festival Sarajevo is to return young people to the position in society that once belonged to them. The festival differs from other youth festivals in the way how they point out problems and that is with artwork – film primarily – and offer solutions the same way. Website:…

Neum Animated Film Festival

Neum Animated Film Festival is an independent legal entity that affects the propagation of animated film among young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as among their peers from other countries. The goal of the festival is to positively influence the development of the film industry and culture through the creative meetings and cooperation…

Mostar Street Arts Fest 

Street Arts Festival Mostar brings new talents and art on the streets of the postwar city. The festival has existed since 2012. Street Arts Festival Revitalizes abandoned spaces and ruins in art and gives the universal visual identity to the city. Website: https://streetartsfestivalmostar.com/


International Theater Festival MESS – Scene MESS. The oldest festival in Southeast Europe. Founded in 1960 in Sarajevo, at the initiative of Jurislav Korenić. Today, MESS operates in its extended form, and consists of four program units: Festival MESS, SCENE MESS, MEMORY MODULE AND MESS Library. Website: https://mess.ba

International festival of underwater film Neum

The International Festival of the Underwater Film and Neum set up in the broader term Underwater Film. The Foundation of the underwater film gathered amateurs and professionals who show the wealth of the underwater world through various scenarios. www.uff.ba ; FB:@underwater.film.festival.neum ; IG: @uff.neum

Mediterranean Film Fest

The Mediterranean Film Festival in Široki Brijeg has a unique atmosphere. The festival soon became a favorite among film workers and audiences. He who once felt the sent of the Mediterranean in this movie town, always returns to it. Website: www.mff.ba 

Cultural festival “Letter of Gorčin”

The cultural festival The letter of Gorčin is held since 1971 in Stolac and on the necropolis of stećak tombstones Radmilja. The letter of Gorčin is a festival that offers an opportunity to gather with content that can be poetry, and music, and paintings, and film, and philosophy, and history and all other human spirit.…