Coastal Adventure

Day 1

Explore the charming city of Trebinje, visiting local markets, historical sites, and the iconic Hercegovačka Gračanica monastery. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the Trebišnjica River, marveling at the Arslanagić Bridge. In the afternoon, experience the tranquil countryside, indulge in local honey, and visit the Tvrdoš Monastery with its centuries-old winemaking tradition. Choose from activities like cycling the Ćiro Trail or paragliding, or simply enjoy the beauty of Vjetrenica Cave. End the day in Neum, the only town in Bosnia and Herzegovina with access to the Adriatic Sea.

Day 2

Start your day in Neum with a relaxing morning at the beach, enjoying swimming and water activities. Have a delicious local pizza for lunch before taking a boat ride to a hidden haven for a Mediterranean culinary experience. Return to the beach for a final swim before heading to Čapljina. Spend the evening in the nature park and bird reserve of Hutovo Blato, surrounded by untouched green landscapes.

Day 3

In Čapljina, embark on a canoe safari, boat ride, or photo safari through the nature park. Visit the archaeological site of Mogorjelo and participate in a traditional Herzegovinian carpet-weaving workshop. Explore the medieval town of Počitelj and enjoy an authentic coffee experience. Afterward, head to Međugorje, a renowned Catholic pilgrimage site. Take an evening stroll through the religious complex and savor authentic Herzegovinian wines in a family-owned wine cellar.

Day 4

Visit Apparition Hill and attend the morning mass in Međugorje. Explore the local beekeepers and taste their honey before discovering Ljubuški Fortress and the oldest museum in the country. Experience the beauty of Kravice Waterfall and enjoy water activities or thrilling adventures like cycling, jeep rides, or paragliding. Have lunch near the waterfall or enjoy a picnic in a family vineyard. Continue to the spectacular Koćuša Waterfall and consider exploring Ravlića Cave. End the day in the stunning Blidinje Nature Park, known for its breathtaking landscapes and peaceful atmosphere.